The complete makeover

Although a lot of people believe body piercing, colour hair and tattoos aren’t attractive, I beg to differ. I’m not covered in tattoos and don’t have multiple body piercing piercings all over my body but I do like the look of a few here and there. When my fascination with piercings and coloured hair tarted, I approached my local salon which was located in Knox Shopping Centre – only a short stroll from home.

I went in to enquire about juuce hair products but was quickly engulfed by the complete range of products they offered. Be it mens cuts, permanent hair straightening or hair extensions; this was an extremely impressive store that startled me with the range of hair products they offer to both men and women.

When you see in big letter the title, “New Image”, you really get a feel for what this company is trying to do for the consumer and their results are unmatchable in their industry. They use all the top end products and all their products are locally sourced. Additionally, all hair services are provided with a relaxation head massage! This is something that other places make you pay for!