Spoil your Mum with some trendy purchases this Mothers Day!

buy dresses online for mothers day
I’m lucky that I have such a trendy Mum who wears similar clothing to me.

Firstly; if she buys the clothes, I don’t have to pay for it and I can some use out of it.

Secondly; I know exactly what to get her, what size she is and the best stores I can purchase from. This is why my mission to find my Mum a mother’s day gift has been made easy by Meluri!

I ventured on to the Meluri website to start my womens clothing online venture and to find my Mum that perfect gift for her big day. I went through the womens tops section and started to see all of these items that I’d wear in a heart-beat but I had to stay focused. I kept browsing until I came across this beautiful Snake Charmer Tee that I knew instantly would suit my Mum. First thing purchased.

I thought one top wouldn’t be enough so I decided to try find her some bottoms that would go with the top. The Meluri website made it so easy for me to browse through and thoroughly study each item of clothing. Product descriptions, sizes, and zooming features – it had it all. It was as easy as being in store but from the comfort of my own home! Instead of going for some bottoms I looked to the dresses Meluri had and immediately thanked myself for going to that page. I have never in my life, seen a more beautiful and extensive range of dresses.


My Mum is a dress lady and she constantly wears them to work or when she goes out with friends (in winter or summer) so I decided to buy her one in. I never knew how easy it was to buy dresses online.ition to the top I bou


After the purchases were made I was so relieved that the job of finding my mother a decent present for Mothers Day was over. This time of year usually creeps up on you with everyone being in the full swing of work so I’m grateful that a website such as Meluri Clothing was able to make my shopping experience hassle-free and enjoyable.

I managed to sneak myself a few items as well :)

Thank you Meluri! I highly suggest using them as a source of shopping for womens clothing online.

Amazing Womens Online Shoe Store

Mothers-day-online-shoes I have always loved Mother’s Day and the idea behind it. What a lovely day it is. I think it’s so special and so important to take the time out of our busy lives to simply thank our gorgeous mothers and remind them how thankful we are, how special they are and how appreciative we are of everything they do for us.

Anyone lucky enough to be blessed with a loving and kind and caring mother should remember to thank them and spoil them, at least on this one special day a year.

I often buy my mum a spa treatment or a nice dinner out, or nice homely things to decorate her home. However this year I wanted to buy her something just for her. I wanted to find something to make her feel good about herself, to feel sexy, stylish and confident. And the first thing I thought of was a fabulous pair of gorgeous high heels.

Hence- Santini shoes!!! I always pop in and out of their stores when I’m passing by because they always have so many gorgeous pairs, and they often have new pairs popping in every week. I often find myself just going in for a ‘quick look’ and coming out with a bargain pair of gorgeous heels, just in time for the weekend.


Womens-Shoes                                                      Online-Shoe-Store                                          Womens-Shoes


So I checked out Santini shoes online in Australia and found a massive selection of women’s shoes to choose from. I really enjoyed shopping online for them. I know my mum’s size, so it’s super easy and there is absolutely no stress or worry involved. I don’t have to worry about my expiring parking ticket, I don’t have to worry about lining up to pay in the queue. It is simple, easy, fast and super convenient shopping at its best.

Mums going to love the pair I chose for her and I’m going to introduce her to the online shoe store for the future. I know she’ll love the convenience, affordability and stunning styles you get from shopping online at Santini.