A comfortable, luxurious new bed- your mum will love you for it!

Mother’s day is a great way to celebrate all the wonderful mothers in our lives. Our mums, our wives, our nanas- any mother figure in your life that you want to thank and celebrate. Well that’s my view on the day! What a lovely day it is. We usually celebrate with lots of relaxing, eating, drinking and pressies. A day to spoil all the mothers I think! And as a mother, I love the day – just a day centred all around the family!

This year I’ve decided to buy for my mother – a new bed. Not the typical present I know but why does it have to be? She is constantly complaining about her mattress, and she is always going on about how expensive the things are. She won’t spoil herself, so I thought what better day than on mother’s day, to do it for her.



Whilst I was looking for a mattress in Sydney online, I found a great online bed store. Dial A Bed. They have amazing quality cheap beds, mattresses and bedding accessories. All available online for hugely discounted prices, and with speedy delivery. Too convenient! You can also visit their warehouses to check all their products out too.



I can’t wait to have mums bed delivered to her and see her expression. She is first going to hate me for spoiling her, but then she will truly love it and appreciate it. What better way to say thanks, than something she can enjoy every day, for years and years to come.

Sleep is so important at any age, in someone’s life, and it’s nice to be able to enjoy getting into your bed at night and waking up feeling well rested, not sore and exhausted from a terribly uncomfortable night’s sleep.



Looking for a unique mothers day gift? Or if you are simply looking for a cheap bed and quality beds in Sydney or Melbourne, look no further than Dial A Bed. Why not surprise your wife, mum or grandmother this year – like I have. It’s not as hard or expensive as you would think!