Choose boyfriend jeans for a cool, casual look

boyfriend jeans

I work as a stylist for an online fashion blog and it’s a great way for me to keep on top of current fashion trends. In our team we have a photographer, a few writers, a graphic designer and then the web guys. I operate as the stylist, sourcing items of clothing and the like to be modelled on the blog. At the moment we’ve been focusing on really comfy, casual clothing that doesn’t take require a lot of time yet still has a cool vibe. A big focus is on boyfriend jeans. Paired with a white t-shirt and pair of sneakers, these jeans are a bit less formal than your skinny or high waisted options, yet still hip enough that you could wear them out to an informal event. A great designer we’ve worked with lately is Nobody – these guys are the bomb. They’ve got lots of different styles of the boyfriend jeans in black and blue, and some come with rips in the knee if you’re into that. I’ve always loved denim and it’s great to be able to find a pair of jeans that are just a bit more laid back than usual. We’ll hopefully do a lot more work with Nobody in the future as I’m sure they’ll keep doing great stuff.