A Trampoline is Where it is At

Who doesn’t have fond memories of the backyard trampoline? From my childhood at least, I have many an accompanying scar from said fond memories. They left an indelible memory on my mind and body but I’d hate to think of having grown up without one.


My parents were, in retrospect a little more fatalistic with their parenting than we are. I’m not one of those over protective parents that are germ phobic and I don’t mind a little bit of playing in the mud. I do want my kids to be safe though, which is why I love the trampolines you can get from Lifespan Kids. It’s all the same fun without any of the danger element. For a great trampoline go to http://www.lifespankids.com.au/Lifespan-Kids-Products/Lifespan-Kids-Spring-Trampolines