Spin Bike Takeover

I’ve just come back from LA where spin bike classes are absolutely taking over. As far as fitness crazes go I can totally see myself getting into this one. First thing I did when I got home was jump online and try and track down a spin bike. I came up with Lifespan Fitness who seemed to be really well reviewed and fairly priced.

I actually gave them a ring to get a little advice before I chose a spin bike. The lady I spoke to was really friendly and helpful and she certainly knew her stuff. She talked me through the order and within a week I had my new spin bike. There was basically no set up and I haven’t looked back. For a great spin bike visit http://www.lifespanfitness.com.au/products/spin-bikes

How we boosted our health and business with vertical gardens

At our commercial office space we always try to inject some life and personality that can inspire our employees. For that reason we have installations and artwork lining the walls and our most recent addition is two stunning vertical gardens that mirror one another from O2 Plant Walls.

Our concept was to breathe life in to what can be a sterile environment, remind everyone what is outside of the walls, and we also know that seeing, smelling, and being near nature can have a positive mental effect on people and O2 Plant Walls were right there with us from the get go.

Whether in home our business one of their vertical gardens will always be welcome and well placed and sure to promote wellness all around. See 02 Plant Walls amazing work here, http://www.o2plantwalls.com.au/vertical-gardens/